Want to help the community

As a democratic organisation, the Barking Labour Party knows it could not exist with out its members. Our members are the life blood of our organisation, they campaign, they debate and they are involved in every level of policy making. New ideas are essential to the party and new members from all walks of life are always welcome.

There is lots of work to do: knocking on doors, talking to voters on the phone, folding leaflets, using our computer systems, and office-based work.

Thousands of people volunteer for Labour because, like you, they want to make a difference to their local communities, so join with us.

We always make sure that volunteers have the support you need, so please get in touch with the campaign co-ordinator Darren Rodwell today.

Telephone: 07957 249149
email: campaign@barkinglabour.org.uk

What I can do?

Are you a Labour Party member?