Why we need a 24/7 Police presence in Barking

Last year Boris Johnson announced he was going to close the old police station in Barking.

At the time, we were assured that a 24/7 visible police presence would remain and that the Police would operate out of a new base in Barking Learning Centre.

However, since then, the Met have decided that they will only staff the Learning Centre 8 hour a day during the week. It goes against what was agreed and we are campaigning to reverse this decision.

Barking is a busy town centre. Lots of people live and do their shopping here. And the population is increasing. You've only got to look around you to see it. That's why it's essential people can get hold of the Police when they need help, 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

It's not just residents in Barking who will be affected if we don't put a stop to these proposals. People living in Dagenham will be affected, too. That's because Dagenham Police Station is on the edge of the borough and a long way from where most people live. We think the Police would do better to have a presence in the Heathway.

The Police are under enormous pressure from the Government to make cuts. They've already been forced to cut police officers on our Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams. They're now down to 1-2 officers in each team.

Taking the police away from the heart of the local community is the final straw. But we need your help. It would be great if you could sign our petition and support our campaign to keep a 24/7 police presence in Barking.

So far more than 5,000 people have signed it, and that number is growing every hour.

Please join our campaign today.