Meet the team

Use the ward links below to find your Labour councillor candidates information, for the forthcoming local election this May.

Abbey Ward

Danielle Doyle

Danielle Doyle

Danielle Doyle has lived in the borough for over 20 years and comes from an Irish family. She is recently married and standing for the position of Councillor for the first time. Danielle has always had an interest in local services and welfare systems and studied Social Policy at University. Upon completing her studies she has gone on to dedicate her career to working in advice and guidance to Vulnerable and low income families for local authorities and in the voluntary sector.

For the past 7 years Danielle has worked in Barking for DABD (uk) as an Independent benefits advisor and Trainer. She is well known locally for working hard for people's rights. Her main areas of interests are rights for Disabled people and Children's services.

Danielle has been an active member of the party since 2012 helping to engage with residents by canvassing, leafleting and attending meetings.

Laila Butt

Laila Butt

I was elected as a Councillor for Abbey Ward in 2010. Since being elected it has been a real honour to serve as a Labour Party Councillor for the past three years.

I hold surgeries twice a month and also make home visits where it has been difficult for people to reach my surgery. I have been available through email and text and I have responded within a reasonable time frame whether I have been able to resolve their problem or not. I have tried to be on call 24/7.

I was elected as Lead Member for the Living and Working Select Committee 2014. I also serve on the Public Accounts and Select Committee. I am currently a member of the Children Services Select Committee, previously elected as Lead Member for this committee. I have also served as Deputy Lead member for Safer and Stronger Community Select Committee 2011. I was also a member on the Health and Adult Services 2013.

I have held many street meetings for residents listening to people's concerns leading to positive solutions. I am an easily approachable person and empathetic to people of all communities, cultures, race, religion and gender.

It would be a real honour and privilege to be re- elected and serve the people of the community in Abbey Ward, in which I was born and brought up in.

Mohammad Giasuddin

Mohammad Giasuddin Miah

As an active member of the Labour party and the community in general, I strongly believe that in life where there is a problem there is a solution. As a person I do not like to be a part of the problem, I would rather be part of the solution. I work hard within my local community to resolve social issues which are affecting the whole community. As the Labour party candidate for Abbey Ward I pledge to work tirelessly within the community to resolve many issues if elected to be one of your councillors. To resolve our problems we must work together as a team shoulder to shoulder as friends in order to reduce the gap of our expectation from each other.

Today's society reflects that respect for the elderly is diminishing and support for the young is has become significantly more difficult to find leading to communities that are almost broken. One of the main reasons behind this social depression is a lack of faith, trust within ourselves, and community cohesion.

Therefore I will ensure my easy accessibility towards the community and the labour party. I will face the challenges that our community finds itself facing such as criminality, anti social behaviour, campaigning for a higher living wage, more school places in the borough, reduced unemployment, cleaner and greener roads and communal areas and local jobs for local people.

Furthermore I will ensure that as your councillor I will work tirelessly and effectively with all members of the community, regardless of their race, age, gender or belief, as I believe in equality and fairness for all.

By working collectively and sharing our knowledge and experience we could easily come to a solution of any problem. I will always be with the community in the bad time and in the good time if you elect me as your councillor.

Alibon Ward

S Alasia

Sanchia Alasia

Sanchia is an award winning diversity and human resource specialist and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD). Sanchia has worked on equality and diversity issues in a number of public sector organisations. She led the mature students section within the National Union of students, Black students campaign. She sat on the women’s staff network committee and co-chaired the Black staff network group at Transport for London. Whilst studying for her master’s degree she was elected as the race equality officer at the University of London Union. Professionally her roles include diversity officer at Queen Mary University and Equality and Diversity lead within the NHS. She currently provides expert diversity advice to Brunel University as their equality and diversity manager. Working in all these roles has given Sanchia a strong understanding of equality and employment law as well as developing initiatives to improve workforce representation.

Sanchia has always been an active individual, having been a student governor at her last university and was elected to become the first Black vice president in her students union. Sanchia was elected as a Labour party councillor in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham for Alibon ward in May 2010 and currently serves the borough as a school governor in a local primary school within her ward and as chair of the health and adult services scrutiny committee.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

I have lived in the Barking and Dagenham since 1978. I have worked for over 40 years in both the Private and Public Sector; including working for the National Health Service (London Hospital Whitechapel) British Gas, and London Borough of Tower Hamlets, where I was T.U.P.E.D. over to a private company when the council decided to get rid of the in house work force. Being made redundant was a scary time. It did not help that I was over 50. I therefore understand and I empathise with people finding themselves in a similar position. I am pleased that LBBD have now reverted back to an in-house workforce.

We are in very austere times and the Council have had to make difficult decisions about how public money is spent. As a result the Tory's cuts have forced LBBD in turn to cut the services it offers to its residents. I could see that this would impact on everyone's lives and as I am retired I felt the need to volunteer in the community and with the council to help ensure that the local person's voice was heard and respected when these changes were made. I have enjoyed my time volunteering, and found it very rewarding, I felt I was being useful, giving something back to the community, and hopefully helping to make Barking and Dagenham a better place to live.

I hope that I am elected so that I can continue to be a voice of the local people and help Labour run a Council that ensures that the core services are delivered, and those residents in most need are fully supported and cared for.

Darren Rodwell

Darren Rodwell

Darren was born 44 years ago in Barking Hospital and has always lived in the borough; he attended Leys Infant School, John Perry Junior School, Eastbrook and then Warren Comprehensive. Darren is happily married and has 5 children and 3 grandchildren. His has never been shy in standing up for his family or the wider community and was the first man in Romford County Court to win residency of his eldest daughter under the 1990 children’s act.

In 2003 Darren set up and chaired “Reede Road Tenants and Residents Associations” after being driven by his passion to improve the local area and make a stronger community for everyone. After the election in 2006 Darren helped transform Barking Labour Party into a community focus organisation and took a leading role in bringing the party back into the heart of the community. He led the local fight against the bigoted BNP as the agent and organiser for ALL of the Barking candidates.

Darren was elected to the local council in 2010 and served and has been the lead member on a number of council committees including “Health & Adult Services Select Committee”, Public Accounts & Audit Select Committee and Safer & Stronger Community Select Committee as well as a school governor.

Outside of the council Darren works for DABD(UK) a local charity as a Welfare rights officer supporting the most vulnerable residents in the borough. In 2012 Darren set up the A.S.K. project for residents in Alibon and Parsloes wards, working with 10 different groups including the local schools, churches and community groups.

Becontree Ward

E Carpenter

Evelyn Carpenter

Evelyn has been a councillor for Becontree ward since 2006. She has worked hard to get to know residents. Over 1500 people and local businesses now receive her regular emails with snippets of local news and advice about Council services. In response to residents’ views, Evelyn’s priorities have been to: make the ward a clean attractive place to live and work; support community cohesion; and protect vulnerable groups. She has campaigned successfully to improve the local shopping parades at the Robin Hood and Green Lane. Some of the local roads have been refurbished though there there is still much to do here.

Evelyn is proud of the contribution young people make to Becontree ward and she has fought to protect services for young people in the face of severe budget cuts. She is a governor of the St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School. As chair of the governing body of the Adult College of Barking and Dagenham, Evelyn helps people gain skills to improve their job prospects and increase household income. If elected, Becontree Labour councillors will continue to work in partnership with the local police, religious groups, businesses, schools and communities to make the ward a happy, safe place for all to enjoy.

F Choudhury

Faruk Choudhury

As a father of four and local resident of Barking and Dagenham I am passionate about my area and community. I relish getting involved in local issues and working towards shared goals. I am the acting Chairman of my local Unite branch and as a result have a strong background in lobbying to achieve outcomes.

If I am elected to represent this area I will be focusing my strengths on campaigning for cleaner streets to ensure we have a community environment we can be proud of and exerting pressure to free up resources to create more school places for our children. I am also keen to improve local community safety and do everything in my power to help contribute to reducing local crime including tackling anti-social behaviour and ensuring victims of crime are supported and receive the justice they need and deserve.

J Ogungbose

James Ogungbose

I was elected as a councillor in Becontree ward in May 2010, having worked tirelessly to defeat the BNP from 2008. I live in the ward I represent and have a full time job as a bus driver.

Prior to my election, as well as campaigning extensively for the Labour party, l was actively involved in a number of local activities. I have been a parent governor for Becontree Primary School, as well as being the Chair of the schools parent association.

In my role as a parent governor, I served on the following committees; finance, buildings, health and safety, attendance and personnel management appeals.

I was also actively engaged fund raising for the school through some events that I helped to organise, enabling the school to receive much needed extra funding.

Since being elected in 2010, I have been able to transfer my skills learnt from bei8ng a school governor and have actively engaged residents and organisations both within my Ward and across the borough.

As a Barking and Dagenham Councillor I have chaired the living and Working Scrutiny committee, and been a member of the Development Control Board (DCB), Employee Joint Consultative Committee (EJCC), Public Accounts Select Committee, Personnel Board and Pensions Panel. I currently serve on the DCB , EJCC , Personnel Board and Pensions Panel committees and am a member of the Borough Allotment working group. Through these committees I have been able to review old policies and help to create new ones.

As the Becontree ward councillor, I have tackled many challenges within the local community including, parking issues, fly-tipping ,amenity green fencing, burglary and anti social behaviour problems. I have also been able to help organise and set up three Tenant and Residents Associations that are currently functional, including the Becontree Ward Central TRA, which has in turn successfully set up the Farmway community garden project.

Eastbury Ward

J Alexander

Jeanne Alexander

I have lived in the Borough all my life. I have been a member of the Labour Party for 36 years and a councillor for 24 years, representing Eastbury Ward since 2010. I served as Secretary of Barking Constituency Labour Party for 18 years and as Agent to Jo Richardson MP and Margaret Hodge MP in 4 general elections. I have been a member of the Council's Cabinet since 2000 leading on Education, Children Services, Police and Community Safety, Cohesion and Enforcement over the years. Previously I was Chair of the Council's Leisure and Amenities Committee.

I am a governor of Ripple Primary School and Eastbury Comprehensive schools, Trewern Outdoor Centre and I am Chair of the Borough's Pupil Referral Unit.

I have two grown up children, both educated in local schools and 3 grandchildren. I am a season ticket holder at Dagenham & Redbridge Football Club.

I hold fornightly surgeries in Eastbury Ward and many street meetings. I listen to the concerns of the residents and where possible make a difference to their lives. I have achieved a great deal in Eastbury Ward over the four years I have been representing them and I would like the opportunity to continue. The residents regularly discuss with me what they feel is important in the ward and we need to work together to achieve this, for example we need more housing of really good standard. We are working to improve the flats in the area with new windows. I am also meeting with the local businesses to ensure that they survive through these difficult times as they are so important to the local residents. I am totally committed to working hard in Eastbury Ward.

Faraaz Shakat

Faraaz Shaukat

I have been selected as the Labour party candidate for Eastbury ward and as a local resident am very pleased to be given the opportunity to contest the 2014 local elections.

I am a graduate and have been an active member of the Labour party since 2010 helping the party to canvass the views of local residents. I have attended meetings and supported many fundraising events for the party. Outside of the party I work in a local authority in the area of Payments, Benefits and Customer Services and also do voluntary work for the local community.

I believe that new ideas are vital for the party to grow and develop. My passion and drive would, I believe, help to improve the local area and make the community stronger. I want to work for a progressive, professional organisation that makes the difference. In Barking we have an enthusiastic and dedicated team. I am committed to getting Labour into Government both locally and nationally, ensuring that it is Labour values and policies that are implemented, making a difference to the lives of ordinary people. I am not powered by profit but by a desire for progressive change. I am motivated and inspired by the principles of the Labour Party and am committed to encourage, value and manage diversity through the development and value of positive policies to promote equality of opportunity for all.

As a councilor I will be serving both my local community and the wider aims of Barking & Dagenham, responding to residents needs and priorities. I will campaign for better and more affordable housing, sustainable economic development, improved green space and leisure facilities, better public services and improved education that helps to support the most vulnerable in our communities. Being a Labour Councillor and representing local people will be a privilege and an honour.

H Singh

Hardial Singh Rai

Born in India, came to England 1963. During my working life I worked with William Warne, Manor Joinery, Ford Motor Co., Newham Council and ran own business.

Member of TGWU and Unison while working. As a volunteer worked with CAB Dagenham, Racial Equality Council, Chairman of Ilford Punjabi Centre 1999 and its life member, committee member of Sikh Gurdwara Barking held the post of Treasurer, Librarian, Building in charge. I am founder member of Punjabi Welfare Association in Barking and currently Cultural Secretary.

Member of the Independent Custody Visiting panel for 11 years set up by the home office to make sure that the detainees rights are being properly looked after by visiting local jails unannounced. I also visit India once every year to set up free eye camp in home town to treat the poor and elderly.

Member of the Labour Party for nearly ten years and regularly take part in canvassing and attend meetings when required. Since becoming councillor, played an active role by being a member of the Safer Stronger Community Select Committee, Development Control Board, Licensing Regulatory Board, Vice Chair of Personnel Board, Standards Committee, Member of Members Development Board, Labour Group Treasurer, attend surgeries regularly to deal with residents concerns / complaints. Elected as Borough’s Mayor for 2013/2014.

As Mayor I have been inviting local voluntary groups to the Mayor’s Parlour to thank them for their voluntary services given to the community thus encourage others to join volunteer bodies. As a Mayor I have also set my chosen charity’s (Crohn’s & Colitis U K) target to raise funds amounting to £30,000 and very hopeful that I will be able to raise it.

I will be working hard to enhance community cohesion by planning community events with the help of community groups and volunteers.

Gascoigne Ward

Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz

As one of the Gascoigne councillor over the past four years has definitely given me the opportunity to give something back to the community in which I live. The pride and satisfaction that I have gained from performing my duties as a councillor has further fuelled my desire to once again stand as the local councillor for Gascoigne Ward.

Since being elected in 2010 I have been fortunate enough to meet lots of local residents who are enthusiastic, passionate and supportive of the many projects that I have helped to develop with my colleagues and the local council.

This particularly applies to the regeneration and development of Gascoigne estate. We have already began phase one and we are steadily progressing our aim to make sure newer, more modern houses and flats are built, a safer Gascoigne estate is constructed in terms of the social regeneration aspect of the plans.

As well as the construction of new homes, we are also working alongside the council, local business and developers to ensure that a new Sainsbury's store is opened in the Abbey retail park, enabling local residents to have more choice in terms of where they shop but also providing more jobs for local people.

I have also helped to successfully develop a stable controlled parking system which prevents non-residents from taking local residents parking spaces. This was the result of extensive street meetings with residents of the local community, the MP and local council parking officers to ensure that local residents got a scheme that they wanted.

I contact local residents in a variety of ways including by telephone, email or directly conversing with them at my ward surgeries or on the door step when canvassing with the local Labour party.

Saima Ashraf

Saima Ashraf

Saima Ashraf is a mother of three and was first elected to represent Gascoigne Ward on the Council four years ago.

As Chair of Governors of Gascoigne Primary School, the largest of its kind in the country, Saima has provided sound community leadership.

Since 2010, she has succeeded in helping the school expand and gain a bright new play area. And the School itself has received good reports including national coverage for the work it does.

Saima has also played a leading role in the ongoing redevelopment of the Gascoigne Estate. Her main priority is to see more family housing and shops and she is campaigning for a new primary and secondary school to be built in the area.

Saima is also a popular member of the local Children's Centre where she plays an active role on the Centre's Forum.

As Chair of the local Translation & Interpreting Service, Saima has helped make the service more affordable for users and helped to secure a new base for it on St Mary's Parade.

Saima is very approachable and is always ready to help residents with their problems whether it is getting improvements to their homes or just getting the Council to listen to them.

Dominic Twomey

Dominic Twomey

I was first introduced to Gascoigne Ward in 1989, when my brother moved into his flat at Anderson house. I was a frequent visitor over the next 5 years and noted during this time the many issues facing the area and its residents. I then returned to the ward in 2001 in my role as a welfare benefits appeals advisor for a local charity, advising and supporting a significant number of residents to claim the benefits to which they were entitled and also to appeal against unfair and unjust decisions.

As a 43 year old father of 3 children, who has lived in the borough all my life and an active Labour party member of over 10 years, I feel an obligation to support the residents of the borough both during my working hours and outside of them. To this end I contacted and began to work with the local Labour councillors on my return to the ward to try and influence change in the area. This was partially successful, with some redevelopment but was not happening quickly enough.

In 2009 I took the opportunity to apply to be a labour candidate for the local council elections of 2010 and was elected by the Gascoigne ward residents to serve them for the next 4 years. My number one priority was regeneration of the area to deliver better facilities, better housing, a safer environment and to make the area cleaner and greener for all residents of the ward. This has begun with the demolition of Grange House and surrounding low rise blocks and will continue over the next 5-7 years with the removal of every high rise block on the estate.

We have a dedicated local neighbourhood police team for the ward and have also made great strides to improve the look of the estate whilst the regeneration works take place.

I am proud to have seen these improvements begin but there is much to do and I hope the residents of Gascoigne re elect me for another term to enable me to complete the next phase of regeneration of a much deserving area.

Goresbrook Ward

Simon Bremner

Simon Bremner

I am 53 years of age and have lived in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham throughout my life. I have been an active Labour Party member for 25 years. I previously represented Gascoigne Ward on the Council from 1990-1994, during this time, serving on a number of committees.

Since my re-election to Goresbrook Ward in the April 2012 by-election, I work within the local community, hold regular monthly surgeries which have resulted in a significant amount of casework being generated on behalf of my constituents, including issues such as anti social behaviour, crime, housing and environmental issues. I regularly attend tenants and residents meetings, as well as those of the Gorsebrook Safer Neighbourhood Team. My work also involves representing the constituents during meetings at Catherine Godfrey House.

I am currently a member of the Safer and Stronger Select Committee, which focuses on issues within the borough such as crime and anti-social behaviour. I also represent Gorsebrook Ward on the Barking Housing Forum. I am a governor at St.Joseph's R.C. Primary School, Barking.

Since 2006 I have played an active role as part of our local Member of Parliament Margaret Hodge's campaign election team in successfully eliminating the British National Party from Gorsebrook Ward. I also assist at her coffee afternoons and help with her annual Christmas card competition for primary schools in the constituency.

Irms Freeborn

Irma Freeborn

Early life and family

Born as Irma Lisa Trotman on the 17th September 1969 in Poplar London, to Guyanese parents of the late Bessie Augusta and Lincoln Westman Trotman. Irma gained the inspiration of helping the community from her parents.

Growing up

Irma, grew up in Upton Park surrounded by the hard working communities wanting to improve their lives.

At just 15-years old, Irma made an active decision to join the Young Labour party in support of the Miners strike. Which geared her onto study at Barking and Dagenham College in Travel and Tourism, receiving a Btec Diploma.

Family life and future

During her tourism career, Irma had three children, but a change in career to public service allowed her contribute to the Barking and Dagenham communities positioning her within the Barking and Dagenham Street Pastors as a facilitator for Women against domestic abuse and working with The DABD association together with a voluntary position in The Metropolitan Police. Irma has even helped to provide low budgeted meals in the A.S.K food bank project, in Dagenham. Whilst working in a secondary school she was elected as a school governor, Irma is also a member of the Wafe Association (Women's Aid Federation of England), in the House of Lords.

Irma, continues to be a tireless worker for both the local community and the Labour party working with the local MP and local councillors and also contributing her efforts to her local church by working with young people.

Moin Quadri

Moin Quadri

Moin A Quadri, is an active Labour Party member and is currently involved in various local activities, which include regularly attending Labour party CLP meetings, events and campaigning sessions. Moin is a parent governor at the Gascoigne Primary School, as well as a trustee for the Translating & Interpreting Service, event organizer for U Barking & Dagenham and also an elected part time student's officer at University of East London.

Moin works as a Software Sales & Marketing Executive for Andromeda, living with his wife and two children in Barking. According to Moin "I have passion, vision and dedication to work tirelessly for the betterment of the community. I will try to ensure every child within Goresbrook Ward has a place at their local school, youths have activities to facilitate their leisure time wisely, people with disabilities and the elderly receive the services they are entitled to, roads are clean and maintained, appropriate bin collection services are in place and safer and cleaner communal areas and parks.

I will also engage with the residents of Goresbrook Ward in decision making processes to ensure that they participate in decisions affecting their community. I will represent them within the council to translate their views into a more vibrant, secure and homely environment.

I will work towards improved community cohesion and help to make Gorsebrook ward a place to be proud of and which the rest of the borough will use as a positive example. I pledge to overcome obstacles and limitations by working together with residents, council colleagues, the labour party and the local council officers to improve all aspects of daily life."

Longbridge Ward

Syed Ahammed

Syed Ahammed

Syed Ahammad has served as a councillor for Longbridge ward, Barking and Dagenham since 10th May 2013, having won a by-election, caused by the untimely death of a longstanding Labour Councillor in the ward, where the BNP finished last with only 37 votes. This is a testament to the work being undertaken by Barking labour party on behalf of the community.

At present, Syed is the Deputy Lead Member of the Living and Working Select Committee. He actively participates within the local community and joined the Labour Party in 2010 to fight against the BNP, where Nick Griffin stood as the MP candidate. Since then, he has been volunteering for his local MP Margaret Hodge to tackle indigenous issues. Syed is also a member of both USDAW and UNISON trade unions; the Fabian Society, Co-operative Party, Society of Labour Lawyers and the Institute of Directors (IoD). He serves as a Governor of both Northbury Primary School and the Adult College of Barking & Dagenham.

Syed is a full-time student at London Metropolitan University, studying LLB Law with International Relations aiming to be a legal professional. He undertakes the role of Student Academic Representative (StAR) within the university. He is currently in the Students' Union as a Part-time and Mature Students Officer and is on the South Asian Students' Union (SASU) as a Director (Founder). Syed has acquired more than ten years' experience in Retail Management and Customer Service. Syed says "Utilising all of my skills experiences provides me with an enhanced opportunity to serve both my local ward and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham as a whole".

R Gill

Rocky Gill

Rocky Gill has been a councillor in Longbridge Ward since 2006 and is currently deputy leader of the Labour group. In this time Rocky has worked with various community groups such as Friends of Barking Hospital, Longbridge Residents Association and Longbridge Youth Club. Rocky has also chaired a number of council led committees including chairing the council assembly and was chief whip of the labour group Rocky says "I have seen the BNP attempt to undermine our community in Barking and Dagenham. I have campaigned intensively against the injustice. I fully support the need for tackling health funding inequalities, improving educational standard and supporting local business through regeneration."

Lynda Rice

Lynda Rice

I was elected as a Labour Councillor for Longbridge ward in 2010. I have been working hard for the residents of Longbridge, helping to sort out issues including school places, anti-social behaviour, housing problems, parking, road surfacing etc. I have also supported elderly residents by making sure they have access to services they depend on. I also campaigned for Barking Hospital to open on Upney Lane with Margaret Hodge MP. I have visited many of you in your homes and have been invited to many community events, which I have enjoyed immensely. I would like to continue in my work for you and would hope to help make more improvemts to help make Longbridge Ward an even safer and attractive area to live. Thank you for everyone who has supported me and has signed the petition for the Police Station in Barking town centre to be manned 24/7.

I am a part time teacher and a union rep for the NUT. I want to protect pay, pensions and front-line public services that our residents rely on. We also all know there is a shortage of school places in our borough. Together with increasing our housing stock, this must be a top priority for the council. I would also like to champion all schools to employ qualified teachers, so that our young people have the quality of education they deserve and should expect.

Positions on the council

Chair of the Children' Services Select Committee
Vice-Chair of the Living & Working Select Committee
Member of the Fostering Panel.

Mayesbrook Ward

K Haroon

Kashif Haroon

I am Kashif Haroon, an active member of Barking CLP, standing as a labour party candidate from Mayesbrook ward in local elections.

I have always been a supporter of the Labour Party. I have always believed in labour class values advocating equality and fairness, promoting community cohesion.

I want to be an elected member as I am hard working, energetic and vocal, so I feel I can bring fresh ideas to the political arena. I also feel passionate about the community that I live in. In the process of door knocking every other week, residents have spoken to me of problems such as council housing repairs, antisocial behaviour in their neighbourhoods, parking and refuse collections etc. In my opinion, I feel that I share the same experiences and became to realise how difficult it may be for a lay person to resolve such issues. Therefore, as a Councillor I would have the power and leadership to be the voice of the community in assisting tackling some, or all of these problems.

Since joining the Labour Party, I actively participated in the May 2010 general and local elections campaign fighting against the British National Party, I campaigned nearly every day knocking on doors and talking to residents’ helping the BNP to a great defeat. I am an Executive member and Ethnic Minority Officer of Barking CLP.

I strongly consider community involvement is vital to maintaining a prosperous democratic cohesive society. I think it is important for some of us to step forward, and to participate in the local democratic process.

I am able to identify with residents in a number of communities because I understand and share many of their concerns. I would really value the opportunity to serve as a local councillor for the Labour Party.

Ade Oluwole

Ade Oluwole

As a community activist, and current Chair of Becontree Ward Labour Party I bring many years of experience to local residents, helping to bring about a positive difference in the community.

As a former school governor at the City Community College and a father of four children I value the importance of quality education in our schools delivered by well trained and dedicated teachers.

The provision of more affordable houses would be an issue of priority for me if elected and I would work tirelessly with my councillor colleagues to achieve this aim.

I will work closely with the Council, our MP, Margaret Hodge, and our London Assembly Member – John Biggs, AM to ensure that effective transportation runs across major roads within the ward where by lobbying Transport for London.

I will work hard with the local labour team, the Council and our local hospitals for the provision of more improved and effective healthcare services within the Ward and across the Borough in general. This is achievable as I have worked within the National Health Service for a number of years in various roles spanning Health and Social care.

Three years ago, with the support of a group of like minded residents, I was part of the formation of Becontree Central Tenants Residents Association (TRA) of which I currently serve as the secretary. This association is currently developing a derelict land site into a community garden will full support of the Council. This project reinforces community cohesion, combats antisocial behaviour and helps engage our youths in community based projects where children will come to play and adults can relax and meet other residents.

Continuous reduction in crime, better and safer Neighbourhood and building a united community that is safe and secure will be my aim. To this end I will engage with the local police to ensure that we have enough officers on our streets.

If elected, I will do my best to listen, to serve and to deliver on things that matter most to our Mayesbrook community.

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith is a young person who is standing for the position of councillor in Mayesbrook ward for the first time. Danielle has been an active member of the local Labour Party since 2010, helping at elections and canvassing in the local area. She has a bachelor's degree in Creative and Professional writing and currently works with children of primary school age.

Danielle says, 'I am proud to be able to stand as councillor and I aim to represent the younger voters of the community and to bring a fresh and modern approach to politics. I am hardworking and determined and I hope to make a positive impact helping the residents of the community'.

Parsloes Ward

Chris Rice

Chris Rice

I was elected as a Labour Councillor for Parsloes ward in 2010. I am also the Secretary of the Barking Labour Party. I have been working hard on behalf of the residents of Parsloes. During tough economic times, I have been fighting hard, for example, to ensure that our worst roads are being re-surfaced, improvements are being made to Parsloes Park, street cleaning is improved, people’s homes are being satisfactorily maintained by the council and the local police are targeting high priority crimes for our ward.

I work on the frontline of the NHS, providing psychological treatments to people experiencing mental health difficulties, e.g. depression. I am passionate about ensuring that all our vulnerable residents can access the support and health services they need. I will continue to fight hard to maintain and improve the quality of health care provision that our residents receive. For example, I am sure we are all concerned about Queens Hospital.

As a parent and a member of the governing body for the Adult College of Barking & Dagenham, I am also working hard to improve the quality of our local schools and our Adult College. We also need to increase the number of school places in our borough. Every young person should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and to achieve their aspirations. In this regard, I also believe more can be done to ensure that the Olympic legacy becomes a reality for our youngsters and serious competitors.

The shortage of council and affordable housing, overcrowded and poor living conditions, affect many of our families. Increasing our housing stock and maintaining and repairing our existing housing stock to a satisfactory level needs to be a top priority for the council. Major new housing developments are underway in the borough but there is still a long way to go.

I am a family man who lives locally in your community. I believe that many of my concerns are the same as yours. I pledge that I will work tirelessly to improve our local services and the physical environment in which we live.

E Kangethe

Elizabeth Kangethe

I Elizabeth Kangethe, am a qualified teacher and have taught for over 15 years, including as a Head teacher in the past.

I am a parent of a teenager and enjoy working with young adults so that I can understand their problems with a view of assisting them grow into responsible citizens.

I do a lot of voluntary work including working with the Scouts, helping women's groups and youth groups within Barking and Dagenham.I am in the Community volunteer team of Barking and Dagenham.

As both a local councillor and resident of Parsloes ward I understand the day to day needs of my local community. We have seen our ward improve within the last four years in terms of security and the general state of our streets. We are working on further improvements in the near future.

I am working with the Local community police to reduce the cases of anti social behaviour and binge drinking which is a real concern especially around Martins corner and Parsloes Park.

I have a passion to see education improve and as well as being a teacher I am a Governor in two different Schools, Parsloes primary and Sydney Russel Secondary School. I engage with the parents,teachers and the students with a view to engaging to improve the standards of Education. I also engage in different youth and women groups within the Borough.I have been a member of the children services select committee in the council where we are looking into different ways of improving the standards of Education within our ward and eventually the entire Borough.

I do a lot of work on community cohesion since our Borough became so diverse and we need to understand each other in order to live together cohesively.

We have been visiting our elderly residents in the borough and have been happy to help them.

L Zanitchkhah

Linda Zanitchkhah

My name is Linda Zanitchkhah, I have been selected as your Labour Party candidate for Parsloes ward in the 2014 local elections.

I have lived in Barking and Dagenham since 1987 of which the last fourteen years have been in Parsloes ward.

I have previously worked in the NHS for nine years as an auxiliary nurse, so feel that I have a strong understanding of our NHS and how important it is that we stop the eradication of our NHS service both at a local level and national level by the Conservative party.

More recently I worked in Barking and Dagenham as a Trade union conveyor for the GMB I still have strong links with the GMB and am the president of the B10 branch in the borough, unfortunately I had to give up my Convenor role after the election in2010 in which we fought tirelessly to help eradicate the BMP from our borough to care for my elderly parents.

I feel that I have a good understanding of issues that are faced by the residents of the ward as the majority of people that live in the borough work in the borough, school places, housing, employment and very close to my heart the care of the elderly having faced a number of challenges myself,all are issues that are faced by residents.

I would ask for your support in the 2014 elections, to enable me to be your elected Councillor, to represent you as residents to raise your concerns and work towards keeping our borough moving forward to a place that all residents can feel proud to say they live in Barking and Dagenham.

Thames Ward

Bill Turner

Bill Turner

Bill Turner moved to Barking more recently than Cameron and Josie, but is an experienced Labour Councillor, having served the community in Bethnal Green and Stepney area Ward Councillor between 2006 and 2014. Bill played a key role in holding the Independent Mayor of Tower Hamlets and was a strong and powerful voice for the community in his diverse ward. On the Council Bill led for the Labour Group on both Children’s Services and for Adults Social Care, Health and Wellbeing.

Bill is enjoying working alongside Cameron and Josie to get a better deal for people in Thames Ward. Bill is particularly interested in improving the quality of the local housing stock and in securing transport improvements in South Barking. Bill passionately believes that the Government and the Mayor of London need to offer a much better deal to Outer London communities like Barking and Dagenham, and will be a strong voice in trying to make this happens. Bill is deeply aware of the pressures on public services in our community and is keen ensure that people have a fairer deal in getting access to the services which they need.

Bill has been a school governor in a highly successful East End comprehensive and has served as a governor of a local mental health services trust and these are areas of experience which he brings with him to Barking.

Outside of politics, Bill works in a senior role in the children’s social care department of another London Borough. Bill is an expert in the area of Children’s Safeguarding and is passionate about making sure every child gets the chance to grow up and reach their full potential.

Bill is a member of UNISON and the British Association of Social Workers.

Cameron Geddes

Cameron Geddes

Cameron was born in Barking Hospital and attended St. Margaret's Church of England Primary School and Barking Abbey Comprehensive before studying politics and international relations at the University of Lancaster and then the London School of Economics.

Having held various jobs, including a spell at HMS Aerosols on Thames View, in order to help fund his studies, he graduated with a Master of Arts degree and started working for various Labour Party Members of Parliament, including Ian Mikardo, Linda Perham and Barking's own Jo Richardson until her death back in 1994.

He was first elected to the local council in 1986 and served for 20 years, including seven as Deputy Leader, before standing down in 2006 and working in the private sector. In London he was appointed Leader of the London Waste Regulation Authority and Deputy Leader of the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority.

He successfully contested the 2010 elections in Thames ward and has since held five surgeries every month across the ward as well as attending local residents' meetings on Thames View, Scratton's Farm and Riverside and taking up hundreds of local issues in the four years since his election.

Cameron is a school governor at George Carey Church of England Primary School and attends regular meetings at Beckton Sewage works to voice residents' concerns.

J Channer

Josie Channer

Josie Channer is East London born and bred, and moved to Barking in 2005. Josie was elected to the Council in 2010 to represent Thames Ward, where she lives. Josie has been an active and energetic Councillor, working on a variety of issues both in the ward and across the Borough. She has been especially interested in the challenging task of responding to the housing crisis and is only too aware of the impact of the current government’s policies on our community in this area. Josie has also worked hard to bring together the different communities who make Thames Ward such a great place to live.

Josie is a senior professional in the area of criminal justice; she has worked as a prison officer in a large London prison and is a board member of a large organisation which helps prevent reoffending. Alongside this Josie has worked with young people in East London who have been excluded from mainstream education and has a proud track record in helping young people who have had a difficult start in life achieve to their fullest potential. Josie has actively used her experience in these areas to bring benefits to the residents of Barking and Dagenham.

Valence Ward

J Jones

Jane Jones

I am standing for the role of Councillor for the first time and have been a Labour activist in Barking and Dagenham since 2004. I am currently a School Governor at Becontree Primary School and sit on the Panel of the Becontree First Community Fund.

I worked for Barking and Dagenham Council for 13 years. I believe my experience as a Union Convenor at Barking and Dagenham Council has given me the ability to relate to those living and working in the area which will allow me to mediate with residents, businesses and the local authority.

I have lived in Barking and Dagenham all my life and am married with two sons. I feel that we have many things to be proud of within the Borough and wish to serve my community to help ensure that all that is positive here is maintained. As a life time resident I have a personal interest in the future development of the Borough as both a community and a place of work.

I hope to have the opportunity to use my energy and enthusiasm to champion the needs of Valance Ward residents and to help improve the lives of those living, working and travelling though our Ward and Barking and Dagenham as a whole.

Maureen Worby

Maureen Worby

I have been the Councillor for Valance Ward for the past 4 years. During this time I have held positions of 2 Scrutiny Committees and am now a Cabinet Member holding the brief for Health issues in the Borough. I was previously a Councillor for 14 years and had responsibilities for Social Services and Regeneration and in between I chaired the local Primary Care Trust.

I have 2 children who were educated in the Borough and I work as a Head of Service responsible for Community and Regeneration in an East London Housing Association.

I care passionately about our Borough and feel honoured to represent it having now lived here for over 35 years. We have a community to feel proud of and I want to be part of making sure that the needs of our community are protected and promoted.

I have worked hard to protect front line services in Valance Ward and have held regular surgeries for people to bring their problems to. I attend many local community events and am involved in the local Safer Neighbourhood and Resident meetings as well and welcome the chance to continue to be a strong voice for the people of the Borough as a whole and Valence in particular.

S Ghani

Syed Feroz Ghani

Syed Feroz Ghani, has been a member of the Labour party for more than 12 years and has been selected to stand as a Labour party Councillor for Valence Ward. Syed has been an active member within Barking CLP, participating at the CLP meetings, local events and campaigning sessions to help implement the Labour Party's policies to support improvement of the Local Community.

Although now a self-employed, Syed previously worked for the local government as a Member Services officer, where he served the elected Members and MPs. Syed has the necessary skills to help and empower local residents to improve their daily lives, by ensuring that their issues are properly addressed, such as waste collection on time, difficult housing issues and the improvement of local policing and the NHS.

Syed, lives with his wife and two children in Barking. He is also a community TV Presenter for Popular Programme (Your Rights) in Bangla TV on SKY 786. Syed says "I want to become a labour Councillor because giving something back to the community is extremely important to me. I believe that if we all played our part and worked together we would make our world a better place. I have become involved in the politics because I believe I can make a difference. My main goal is to treat everyone fairly and representing their interests irrespective of their race or culture which is a vital."